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The Best Lower Body Exercise for Women That Want to Reshape and Resize Their Lower Body


The best lower body exercise for women doesn't rely on the availability of a health club's machines.  

If you want to reshape and resize the lower part of your body then all you really need is a gender appropriate and well-structured exercise program that you can do from home.  

Using a few simple targeted bodyweight exercises you can produce visible and sustainable changes in your entire lower body.  There are many simple lower body exercises for women that can be done just about anywhere.  Below are three examples of easy bodyweight exercises.


3 Lower Body Exercises for Women

1. One-Leg Hip Extensions-

Lie on the floor face up.  Place your arms down to each side of your hips.   Extend one leg out straight and bend the other leg with your foot flat on the floor.  Raise your body by extended hip of bent leg, keeping extended leg and hip straight.  Return to your original position again, lowering your body with extended leg and hip straight.  Repeat 15 times for one set.  Then continue with the opposite side.

2.  Side- Lying Leg Lift-

Lie on the floor on your left side with your head resting on your left arm.  Straighten your legs with the right directly on top of the left.  Straighten out your spine so that your body is in line along the floor.  Bend your right leg and place your foot on the floor in front of your left thigh.  Your right arm can rest on your hip.  Then squeeze your left inner thigh and raise your left leg a few inches toward the ceiling.  Lower it back to the floor.  Do 15 repetitions on that side then switch sides and do another 15 repetitions.

3.  Glute Lifts-

Get down on the floor on your elbows and knees.  Squeeze your butt to lift your left leg until it is level with your hips.  Repeat 15 times for a set, and then switch sides. 

Above are a few super simple lower body exercises for women.  Long term changes and success, the results you are most likely hoping for, can be achieved with less effort than you think.  Your lower body consists of several hundred individual muscles.  By combining the right mix of floor and standing exercises, a well-structured exercise program can definitely bring about changes in the hundreds of muscles in a woman's lower body.   

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2 Super Easy Butt Lift Exercises for Women


Nice butt gives definition to a woman's shape especially when she's wearing a tight-fitting jeans or sexy swimwear. Every woman wants a Jennifer Lopez behind. Working on your gluteus or buttock muscles is the key. But this entails butt lift exercises which you can do on a regular basis.

These 2 super easy butt lift exercises for women might help enlarge and lift your booty up. It won't take you just a week but months of hard work, so get yourself ready for the quest. If you want amazing results, do it daily with intense contraction and appropriate execution. You can increase the number of repetitions along the way. 

1.The Balancing Act

You can use either a chair or a door knob in this one to balance yourself while lifting your leg behind you. You don't need to be going to the gym to do this one. By grasping on to the tip of the chair or knob of the door, you can lift one leg and hold on for as long as you can. Gradually, bring your leg to the side without losing your balance. 

Squeeze your backside as you shift sides. As you lift and shift sides, you will sense the burn on your butt. Do 16 sets of each leg. If you want it to be more intense, you can place a rubberized rope around your ankle and attach it a hard object. In that way, you can exert more weight as you lift your leg to the back.

2.Leg Raise and Curl Using Fitness Ball

A heavy exercise ball isn't just used for crunches. It is also a very helpful tool to support you with your butt lifting stint. Aside from the Balancing Act, you can supplement this approach so that you will have quicker results in a matter of time. Place your feet on top of the ball with your heels on the edge. Spread your legs quite widely leveling with your hips. Make sure your hips are pushed down into the ball. To gain stability of your ball and avoid it from moving, you can place it against the wall. 

Start lifting your butt but your body should remain aligned. Execute it slowly making sure that you feel the burn in your behind. Squeeze your booty and lift it up and down to feel the contraction in your buttock muscles. Spin the fitness ball toward your butt by curling your legs in, and repeat the lifts. You can do two sets of 32 counts of this for a more intense feel.

Get your mind conditioned to execute these butt lifting exercises so that you can have a nice booty. Remember that it takes focus, determination and consistency to exercise in order to achieve best results.

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6 Weight Loss Exercises For Women - Burn Fat While Having Fun

It is a fact that women have slower metabolism compared to men. They need to double time when it comes to losing weight. However, this does not mean that they are behind men when it comes to physical fitness. There are exercises now that can make one say that men and women are equal even in the field of weight loss and fitness.

Weight loss exercises for women have also evolved together with the rise of the reality that men and women are equal. When it comes to achieving fitness and weight loss, as a woman, you can choose any of the five listed below.


So you have decided to lose pounds but you are not sure where and when to start. Well, try to look at your garage, maybe you can find something there that would help you start losing weight. When I was talking about a thing in your garage, I was referring to your bicycle!

Although biking is a highly physical activity, you should not let the chance to ride the bike on your way to losing weight. It is a very efficient way to tone your legs, butt and hips and is the best way to increase your heart rate.


Another weight loss exercise for women is swimming. Swimming can help you trim off 800 calories every hour depending on the how intense your stroke is. Aside from the number of calories that swimming can trim off from your body, it is a lot more fun compared to other exercises.


There are people who think that walking is not a challenging exercise since it does not help them lose weight. However, what they failed to notice is that walking is not the problem, but themselves. Walking, when done constantly at a moderate pace, can help you shed body fat.


Dancing is not just a fantastic form of exercise; it is also an enjoyable physical activity. Just like biking, swimming and walking, dancing helps you burn substantial amount of calories.

There are many forms of dance that can help you lose weight. All you need to do is choose the form of dance that can give you fun and entertainment during your performance.

Aerobic Exercising

Aerobic exercise is another best form of weight loss program that a woman can choose. Performing aerobic exercise can help accelerate your heart rate at the same time, aid you to break into a sweat. Other than that, just like any other cardio exercise, this could help you tone your arms, legs, butt and hips.


One of the best known ways to shed unwanted fat is running. One could not be considered a fitness enthusiast if he or she does not know the power of running on burning calories. As one of the best cardio exercises, it helps improve your flexibility, and greatly tones your body.

Now, that you have identified 6 weight loss exercises for women the decision is yours on which of them you plan to do. These are all good exercises to help you shed all the unwanted fat from your body.

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Best Abs Exercises For Women

Best abs exercises for women to help you break out of a rut or plateau can also eliminate boredom improving your results. They are called circuits and they will definitely put some welcomed variety and boost your belly fat burning revealing your sexy women abs.
If you've never heard of circuits before, they're simply performing a sequence of different exercises without resting between them. Think of it as a little routine where the each movements complements the one before maximizing results.
Their also great time savers. You'll work all you body in as little of 15 minutes per workout and it takes your abs exercises for women to a whole new level of efficiency. Plus your greatly improve your cardio conditioning, boosting your metabolism which will burn more fat.
You should try to incorporate about 3 exercises per circuits. Any more and you'll might find it too difficult to complete a set, any less and you won't get the desired metabolic boosting fat burning effects that will help you show off with pride your sexy women abs.
Here is an example of a circuit workout:
First you must always warm-up before starting any of these abs exercises for women workouts.
Warm-Up Circuit:
Bodyweight Squats - 8 reps
Kneeling Push-Ups - 8 Reps
Perform the warm-up two times resting about 60 seconds in between circuits.
Workout Circuit:
  • 1A - Y-Squats - 10 Reps
  • 1B - Kneeling Push-Ups - 10 Reps
  • 1C- The Ab Plank - 20 seconds
Repeat this circuit 2-3 times depending on your fitness level. Do not rest between exercises. Rest 30 to 60 seconds between sets.
  • 2A - Forward Lunge - 8 Reps per side
  • 2B - Bird Dog - 6 Reps per side
  • 2C - Mountain Climbers - 8 Reps per side
Repeat this circuit 2-3 times depending on your fitness level. Do not rest between exercises. Rest 30 to 60 seconds between sets.
You can also modify the number of recommended reps to match your fitness level. But keep it challenging enough to get the most benefits. As you progress over time you can also add some dumbbells to the routine.
There you have it, some very efficient abs exercises for women that won't only strip your fat and give you a flat belly but will develop your abdominal muscles giving you a tone and tight waist.
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A Care That Cures - Kegel Exercises For Women


Kegel exercises are designed to brace the pelvic floor muscles which support the bladder and bowel openings. This aids in preventing leakage of urine; coughing, sneezing, lifting, and other hectic movements. The noteworthy benefits of kegel exercises for women include enhanced sexual function, trained muscles to make childbirth easier, and improved ability to pass stool.

Kegel exercises for women are especially for those...

• With urinary and /or bowel incontinence

• having confirmed waning of pelvic floor

• Are pregnant or who have previously had children

• Middle aged and older

Instructions on Kegel exercises for women

The urethra - The Functional Stop Test

After partially emptying your bladder, stop the urine flow in a slow proscribed 
manner, paying attention to how it feels. The Functional Stop Test is useful for assessing what it feels like to gradually stop urine flow. However, it should not be done more than once per urination.

The vagina is the window to the pelvic floor

For this step, you will internally assess the ability to squeeze and elevate the muscles around the opening of the vagina, while lying on your back. This is accomplished by inserting one finger into the vaginal opening while you try to lift and squeeze with the muscles. Pay attention to how this feels.

Putting it all together

Begin practicing while lying on your back with your knees bent, or lying back with pillows under the head & shoulders. When your knees are bent there should be a pillow under them so that the muscles around the hips and buttocks can relax.

The kegel exercises for women should be made a part of their routine life. After you have become experienced in performing these exercises, you need to do them as follows:

• A series of strong, steady squeezes for 8-10 seconds each

• Try to do 8-10 at a time

• For most people, 30 repetitions per day are adequate.

Other Techniques to help in Kegel exercises for women

If you find it difficult to identify the correct muscles to exercise, your healthcare professional may recommend the use of the following:


Biofeedback equipments help you identify and exercise your pelvic muscles.

Biofeedback uses a probe inserted into the vagina and a computer screen. This allows you to see the effects of your muscle contractions on the monitor.

Vaginal Cones:

Vaginal cones are actually vaginal weights in a set which can be inserted into vagina to help identify and brace the pelvic muscles.

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