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Dumbbell Exercises For Women For a Healthy, Strong and Well-Toned Body


Dumbbells are simple yet great equipment that you can use in your exercise routine especially if you are doing your exercises at home. 

Especially if you want to lose those extra fats and you want to build muscles, the dumbbells are great exercise equipment to start with. For a good start, find great dumbbell exercises for women that you can do in your workouts.

What is great about using dumbbells in exercises is that, it allows you to do weight training at home as dumbbells are simple equipment. You can also work out with dumbbells and enhance different parts of the body and not just your arms or legs. If you are doing your workouts at home, here are a few dumbbell exercises for women that can help you shape and strengthen your body as well.

To firm your arms and bicep muscles, you can do the dumbbell arm curl which is done by lifting a pair of dumbbells in both hands and lifting them up to shoulder level by bending your elbows. It is also advisable to lean your back on a wall if you lift the dumbbells together so you have a better support for your back. You can also do this alternately with your left and right hand too.

If you want to develop and strengthen your shoulder muscles, you can also do the front raise or the side raise. You can also do the chest press to help you develop your upper body.

Another popular dumbbell exercises for women that you can do to build overall agility and strength are the lunges and squats. They are great exercises to help you strengthen your legs and shape up your butt, which of course, is something that most women want. By adding dumbbells in your routines, you also shape up your muscles and not only strengthen them.

If you are interested in working out your abdominal muscles with the use of dumbbells, you can also do side bends with one dumbbell on one hand to tone your oblique muscles or those muscles at the side of your abdomen. You can do this by standing with your feet at shoulder width and one hand with the dumbbell on your side. The other hand is placed at the back of your head and then you slowly lower the dumbbell to feel that stretch on the other side of your abdomen.

If you want to shape up your butt and if you just want to stay fit and agile, you can do the lunges and squats with dumbbells. Avoid using big weights to avoid injury to your knees. If you want to tone and develop your leg muscles, you can do the lunges with just a shorter step forward but if you want to develop your butt muscles and shape it up, you can also step a little farther, but always do this slow and don't ever forget to warm up. Make sure too that you are doing the lunges right as this can also injure your knee if not done properly.

Start with these dumbbell exercises for women and make sure you do have your warm up before starting any of these.
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