Friday, 30 October 2015

Dumbbell Exercises For Women


When I reached a point in my life that I knew I needed to do more exercising, I hired a personal trainer. He had me doing dumbbell exercises for women which, by the way, are only different from dumbbell exercises for men by the amount of weight woman can comparatively lift. I collected a large set of dumbbell exercises and kept notes of them in my journal.

I learned many lessons from my personal trainer but most importantly, I began to enjoy lifting dumbbells more than the standard workout routines women were generally doing at the time. I loved the thrill of being able to lift more weight than the month before, of watching my arms become lean and toned. Never before had I seen such amazing results. I actually think I became a bit addicted to exercise as a result. Within a few weeks of starting my exercise routine at the gym, I no longer felt unmotivated to workout. I felt a lot of guilt, however, when something kept me from getting in any exercise for the day.

Search the internet for information about women and dumbbells and you'll find plenty of articles attempting to convince women that weight lifting will not make them look like men. I can't believe that women still think that way, but perhaps they do. It certainly appears as if internet authors think that way. The truth of the matter is:

The female anatomy is not capable of achieving the same muscle mass as men except under extreme conditions.
Dumbbell exercises for women build lean muscle mass which, although heavier than fat, is more compact and burns more calories thereby boosting one's metabolism.
It's normal to be sore for a couple of days after lifting weights. Just use proper form to ensure you don't pull or strain anything.
You do not need to lift dumbbells every day to see results. In fact, to get the most out of your weight lifting exercises, you should allow muscles that were worked to recover for at least 48 hours in between dumbbell workouts. It is actually during the recovery phase that you build lean muscle - not during the workout itself.
Muscles don't pop up overnight so if you are concerned, I encourage you - with the approval of your doctor - to give dumbbell exercises a try a couple of times a week for the next few weeks. Combine those workouts with proper nutrition and at least three cardio workouts of thirty minutes every week and I bet you'll love the results.

Many exercise examples are available online and variety is the spice of life, as they say. Having a collection of dumbbell exercises for women at your disposal gives you an added advantage towards accomplishing your health goals and staying strong.

Erica Stone is a working mother of three who finds two things help in dealing with the hurdles life throws in her way, taking care of her health and writing online. She has recently developed a list of cardio workouts for women and has created several online blogs including Desert Pond.

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