Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Exercise for Women in the Office


Exercise for women is essential! As a career woman, you might say that you don't have time to go to the gym or fitness center due to your busy day. I can't argue about that. However, when it comes to a health problem, you need to take this seriously. Ending up in a hospital is not a good thing, especially if you have to waste your money and precious time.

Exercise for women is easy to do. And certainly, these exercises are needed for your busy day. Without realizing it, a full day at work, the legs work harder because you have to go back and forth with high heels. Not to mention while sitting for hours typing in front of a computer. Your shoulders and body parts would be stuck a long time in a bending position.

With a balanced workout routine in the office, stress suffered by the parts of your body can be reduced. One more additional point, the blood circulation in the body will be smoother. The effect, concentration and productivity in the office can go off the chart. If you want it, do these following tips!

15 minutes in the office can give you 15 hours of fitness. If you do not have time to exercise in the morning, you can do it your office. In your spare time or break, try to train the muscles of your body. Remove shoes or high heels and find a comfortable and spacious place to work out. Exercise for women doesn't have to take hours.

First, you can do sit squats to strengthen the body's lower back, abdomen and legs. Stand up straight with hands on your waist, and then bend your knees. Hold the position of the stomach. After the count of three, returned to its original position. It's that simple, right? Do three sets of sit squat with 15 times each! If you think that it's too much, take it slowly until you are up to it.

Continue your training with dead-lift. Take the file folder on your desk. Hold the folder with both hands while the body in an upright position and make a distance between the two legs. Bend the body while holding down your file folder. It is better if you have a dumbbell or heavy books. Do three sets of this work out! The objective is to strengthen the back muscles, shoulders and arms.

Next, train the shoulder muscles and triceps with lateral side. Find a heavy object for your hands. If there is no dumbbell in the office, use two bottles of bottled water that has been fully charged. Hold the bottle as you straightened your hands to the side. After the count of three or four, lower your hands so they are parallel with the body. Three sets will do.

Spending a bit of time wouldn't hurt. Your body will be full of energy and ready to take on any challenge. Don't underestimate the power of exercise for women!
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